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Ask Andy About Clothes features RAVE FabriCARE. Again.

Andy Gilchrist photoAsk Andy About Clothes, the world's largest discussion forum devoted to fine men's (and ladies) garments and accessories, has just published a new tutorial entitled "Stu Bloom on Professional Garment Care" .

In this tutorial, I discuss the state of ordinary dry cleaning generally and identify seven key points to consider before you entrust your fine garments to an ordinary cleaner.

1. There are no "secrets" or "secret processes" in garment care.

2. Talk is cheap. Execution is time consuming and extremely difficult.

3. Educating the client and answering questions is the price paid for your custom.

4. True quality is about the combination of hundreds of details.

5. True quality can't be delivered in a day or two (or even three).

6. True quality is not inexpensive.

7. Myths, misrepresentations, distortions and, even, outright lies are common.

Remember that fine garments are valuable assets as well as beautiful works of art. To keep those garments looking, feeling and smelling great and lasting much, much longer you'll need to locate a skilled cleaner. And to successfully do that, you'll need to ask questions. Insist on straight answers. And invest some time assessing the "truthfulness" of those responses.

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