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The cleaning and restoration of a World War II WAVES uniform

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The Phoenix Art Museum sent me this 2 piece World War II WAVES uniform for restoration.

The condition was poor: musty smell, yellowed in places (apparently from a combination of bleaching on the part of the former owner and from poor long term storage), rust under the metal buttons, misshaped, poorly hemmed, etc.

The before and after photos reflect the transformation.

WAVES tags 2
WAVES tags 1 WAVES tags 3
WAVES Before 1 WAVES Before 2
WAVES Before 6 WAVES Before 4
WAVES Before 3
WAVES Before 9
WAVES Before 9 WAVES Before 7
WAVES Before 10
WAVES After 1 WAVES After 2
WAVES After 5
WAVES After 3 WAVES After 4
WAVES After 6


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