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True quality cleaning and the intact button guarantee

Thomas pink shirtYou've seen the dry cleaner's guarantee: "if we neglect to replace a missing or cracked button, we'll clean 3 shirts for free."

Or the one that says that the dry cleaner "guarantees that all the buttons on your shirts will be returned to you in the same condition they were received (italics added), or we'll launder 5 shirts for you at no charge."

Here's my question: what's the value of an intact button guarantee if the shirt is laundered in boiling water with caustic, industrial grade detergents, starched with synthetic glue, and then machine pressed at the rate of 40 to 50 per hour? What's the value of an intact button guarantee if a discriminating client would reject the shirt as unwearable.

At ordinary cleaners, an intact button guarantee is a competitive advantage. At a true quality cleaner, a complete set of matching buttons is just one standard amongst many shirt laundry quality standards.

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