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Comments from a raving fan (part six)

Blue shirt afterThe very best compliment one can receive is from a non-compensated, independent, authoritative third party.

And when it comes to authoritative third parties you don't get any more authoritative than Alexander Kabbaz, internationally renowned bespoke shirt maker and a perennial fixture in Robb Report's annual Best Of The Best issue.

Here's what Alexander Kabbaz had to say about RAVE FabriCARE...

"After 30 years crafting the world's finest shirts I am now finally acquainted with someone who knows more than I about fine garment care and who has refused to be part of the dumbing down of the garment care business."

                                Private email 
                                November 3,  2008

Blue shirt white collar cuffs"...the country's best dry cleaner and laundry!"

                                Ask Andy About Clothes Forum
                                August 28, 2010

Thanks Alexander. But raising the quality bar so high is making me nervous!

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