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The illusion of two levels of drycleaning and shirt laundry service

2nd dillapidated staircaseYour dry cleaner tells you that they're a true quality cleaner. Yet they offer two different levels of service - generically dubbed their "basic" and "premium" service.

How do you spell CONTRADICTION?

Here's some background ...

They tell you that their "basic service" is for your "regular" or "less fussy" garments. And that their "premium service" is for your "better" or "fancier" garments - your bespoke, made-to-measure, high fashion, designer, specialty and couture garments. Furthermore, they tell you that their "premium service" (often accompanied by a special name such as their sterling, gold, platinum, diamond, deluxe, signature, classic, craft, style or artisan service) is their "extra care service", where your garments are "pressed by their best presser, inspected by hand, hung on plastic, wood and/or chrome hangers, and stuffed with logo printed tissue."

The real question to ask yourself is this: is their plastic, wood and/or chrome hangers and logo printed tissue paper worth the 50% to 100% premium price?

Because in many cases, that's probably the only difference between their basic and their premium service. In other words, apart from the packaging, the true difference between your cleaner's basic and premium service is ... wait for it ... almost zero.

Their rationale for this strategy is simple: We'll continue to give customers the same "quality" they've been accustomed to receiving, but at a reduced price, say 50% to 100% less. We'll call this our basic service and tell our customers that we've been able to introduce this "new", lower priced service by eliminating the fancy cleaning, fancy pressing, fancy inspecting and fancy packaging. We'll also tell them that they can continue to request our premium service for their "better" or "fancier" garments at our current price levels.

DennysOf course, what we won't tell them is that, apart from the packaging, there's no real difference in quality between our basic and our premium service. And we'll gain by charging a premium price for what is essentially a "bang and hang" garment dressed up with fancy packaging.

To illustrate the absurdity of offering two levels of service, let me draw an analogy ...

Just imagine if Denny's and Morton's moved next door to one another and built a single kitchen that was to be shared by both restaurants.

Furthermore, imagine if those two restaurants utilized the same chefs and servers, purchased their food and other supplies from the same vendors and set the Denny's prices at about 50% to 100% below Morton's prices.Mortons

Do you think it's possible for that shared kitchen to consistently deliver a steak of Morton's quality to Morton's diners just because their steak is prepared by their "best" short order cook and served on "better" china?

Don't think so.

Clients who choose a true quality cleaner want best of breed. Not a mutt that has the characteristics of two or more breeds.

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