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And you still wonder why your dry cleaner couldn't remove the spots and stains from your favorite garment?

Chinese food stain pix 61Not every garment you take or send to the dry cleaners has visible spots or stains.

But when they do, you'll want an assurance that the dry cleaner has the technical skills necessary to remove those spots or stains - to the maximum degree possible, consistent with the nature of the stain, stain type, fabric color, fabric type and the like. And, in the case of water-based stains, you'll want an assurance that the dry cleaner will remove those spots or stains before your garments ever enter the dry cleaning machine.

This assurance becomes even more critical when you consider the fact that the vast majority of ordinary cleaners take the position that you "own" the spots or stains. If they come out, that's great; if they don't come out, that's your problem. After all, you put them there!

So what should you expect from a true quality cleaner?

A true quality cleaner should:

  • Perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures on every garment and household textile. Before they're loaded into a machine.
  • Employ an array of specialty agents to battle even your toughest stains.
  • Utilize a combination of delicate dry cleaning, wet cleaning, handwashing and/or restoration techniques to protect your investment.

Soft drink stain pix 62And a true quality cleaner should do all this even if it means taking the time to treat the same garment or household textile multiple times until the stain has been removed or minimized.

Truth is, the vast majority of ordinary cleaners skip the stain removal process entirely.

Instead, their "stain removal technician" (I use this term with reservation) merely loads and unloads a machine. And hopes that the spots and stains will miraculously disappear based on a combination of the dry cleaning solvent (the more aggressive the better), the dry cleaning detergent (maybe, and then the cheaper the better), the addition or injection of moisture into the dry cleaning machine (a reckless undertaking), and the dry cleaning machine's tumbling action.

And if any spots or stains remain, they simply hang one of those sorry-we-tried-but-we-couldn't tags on your garment.

Problem is, hope is not an effective strategy for dealing with spots and stains. Technical skill and the allocation of appropriate time is. Unfortunately, technical skill and time is in short supply at ordinary cleaners.

That's because most ordinary cleaners operate on the in-by-9:00-out-by-5:00, picked-up-on-day-1-delivered-on-day-3 principle. Even if you ask them (or beg them) to take their time and "do it right." At ordinary cleaners, there's barely enough time to load their machine, bang the garment out on a press, and stuff it in a bag.

True quality cleaning simply can't be "done" in a few hours, or even in a day or two.

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