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He's just my dry cleaner ...

Elegant walkin closet #1Most consumers have little or no brand loyalty. They don't care which bank they go to (they go to the one that's across the street). They don't care which airline they fly (they fly the one that has the best deal at the best time). They don't care which auto insurance they buy (they buy the cheapest policy that meets the law).

Most dry cleaning customers have little or no brand loyalty either. Dry cleaning just isn't important them. For many, dry cleaning is a tiresome weekly ritual that involves no more than 3 minutes at a dry cleaner's counter or drive thru. Their allegiance to any one cleaner is typically based on location, price and "acceptable quality" (whatever acceptable quality may mean).

The mass market doesn't give a hoot about true quality dry cleaning and true quality shirt laundry.

Elegant walkin closet #2Then there are those customers who are not only particular about their garments and household textiles but are also knowledgeable about the details -- the "ins" and "outs" and "hows" and "whys" of cleaning processes and craftsmanship.

Specifically, these customers have developed a good understanding of pre-spotting, cleaning, hand finishing (aka pressing), repairing, inspection and packaging. And the role played by each of these functions in keeping their fine garments and household textiles in pristine condition. These customers will drive past 20 ordinary cleaners or even ship their fine garments across the country to reach their cleaner of choice.

There are hundreds of the first category of customer for every one of the second category of customer.

So I understand why ordinary cleaners would target the first category of customer. By contrast, a true quality cleaner prefers the second category as a client.

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