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Meet the press

Mangle #1Ordinary dry cleaners love their presses.

Why? Because, of all the functions performed by a cleaner, pressing is where ordinary cleaners can achieve the greatest productivity, i.e., where they can move garments through their system with maximum speed.

Pressing is where your garments are banged out on a press at a furious rate. Typically, 30 to 40 pants per hour per presser; 20 to 30 non-pant garments per hour per presser; and 40 to 50 laundered shirts per hour on a "single buck" shirt pressing machine (80 to 100 per hour on a "double buck" shirt pressing machine).

Mangle #2Unless the cleaner is operating their plant 24/7 and/or has almost no business, machine pressing is the only way they can offer same day or next day service or even 3 day pickup and delivery service.

Here's the problem: pressing is the area of operations where a cleaner can inflict the greatest damage to a garment.

Pressing is where your garments are subjected to too much pressure, with too much steam, for way too long. Especially when it comes to wools, silks, rayons, knits, and other non-cotton and non-linen fabrics.

Poor pressing results in shine; seam, flap and button impressions; moiHand ironingre-like press pad impressions; double creases; wrinkled seams and linings; and other "crimes of fashion". Poor pressing transforms your fine garments from 3D to 2D.

By contrast, a true quality cleaner will hand iron your fine garments. A hand iron in the hands of a skilled finisher will produce an infinitely superior garment than a press in the hands of a unskilled presser.

Someone ought to introduce ordinary cleaners to the hand iron.

But that's just me letting off steam.

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