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Move over organic, green, eco-friendly, non-toxic and carbon neutral dry cleaners. Here comes "natural".

Natural Cleaners bldgAs we closed in on 2010 I thought that the entire notion of referring to perchloroethylene (aka perc) and/or synthetic petroleum dry cleaning solvents as "organic", "green", "eco-friendly", "non-toxic" and/or "carbon neutral" had been thoroughly debunked and exposed for what it is: a scam, a hoax and a fraud.

I was wrong.

Arizona, say hello to "natural" dry cleaners.

Dry cleaners have now discovered a new term to describe dry cleaning in synthetic petroleum -- Natural Cleaners. I should have seen this coming. Debunk "green", "organic", "eco-friendly", "non-toxic" and "carbon neutral" and someone will dig out their Thesaurus and roll out a new, equally deceptive and false term.

Let's review the facts about synthetic petroleum ...

Pumping gasAbout 7% of cleaners use synthetic petroleum, a hydrocarbon solvent that's a byproduct of the manufacture of gasoline (brand name: DF 2000 from Exxon Mobil Chemical or EcoSolv from Conoco Phillips Chemical). Synthetic petroleum is often falsely positioned as an organic, green, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and/or carbon neutral alternative to perc.

While synthetic petroleum is relatively more gentle on your fine garments and household textiles than perc, it is, nonetheless, subject to the same federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations as perc, both in how it's used and how it's disposed of.

From a health and environmental point of view, all hydrocarbon solvents are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs contribute to the formation of ozone, which, in turn, has been linked to various respiratory complications.

Many cleaners that use synthetic petroleum like to refer to themProfessional Natural Cleanersselves as "green cleaners", "organic cleaners", "eco-friendly cleaners", "non-toxic cleaners" and/or "carbon neutral cleaners". Technically, synthetic petroleum may be regarded by chemists as "organic" because it contains carbon. But so is nuclear waste technically organic because it too contains carbon. And so is perc, the "bad" cleaning solvent that synthetic petroleum was supposed to replace, technically organic. To suggest that synthetic petroleum is somehow organic in the same way that an apple is organic is deceptive and misleading. Actually, it's more than that, it's a scam, a hoax and a fraud.

Even the godfather of the organic cleaners scam in the Valley has, after about 5 years, begun to distance himself somewhat from the notion that synthetic petroleum is "organic" in the way that the general public understands the term "organic". He's changed the name of his cleaners from Organic Cleaners to OrganiCare Cleaners and now informs visitors to his website that "OrganiCare isn't jumping on the "green" bandwagon by slapping the "organic" label on everything we do." Talk about a flip flop! (Note to Wayne: The dry cleaning industry maven has ripped off big chunks of your website!)

Any questions about the scam that is organic, green, eco-friendly, non-toxic, carbon neutral or natural dry cleaning? I'd be happy to respond.

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