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Since April 2010, we've added over 175 posts to our blog on all matters relating to the care of fine garments and accessories.

This week, named this blog one of the best blogs in the fashion category and added it to their list of fashion blogs.

As a matter of fact 2 of our posts have just hit the Alltop's "Most Topular Stories" in fashion. What's fascinating to me is that this all happened while I'm penning this post.

What is Alltop?

Alltop refers to itself as your "online magazine rack". They do this by "collecting headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic".

According to Alltop, "the purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, 'What's happening?' in all the topics that interest you. You may wonder how Alltop is different from a search engine. A search engine is good to answer a question like, 'How many people live in China?' However, it has a much harder time answering the question, 'What's happening in China?' That's the kind of question that we answer."

So now you can find us at our regular home or just go to Alltop. I've never used this phrase before but I'll say it now: Isn't that awesome!

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