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Replacing the worn collars and cuffs on your dress shirts

We all have dress shirts that we don't wear cluttering up the nether reaches of our closets.

These include shirts with collars and cuffs that are worn, frayed at the edges, discolored beyond restoration, shrunken, fabric shined by the dry cleaner, hard pressed by the dry cleaner, or otherwise damaged in some manner.


Collar and cuff

Collar 2281


Cuffs 2282


In many cases, however, these shirts have bodies and sleeves that are in relatively good condition.

So the question is this ...

Why relegate your fine bespoke, custom, made to measure or even off the rack shirts to the status of "unwearable" just because of the poor condition of the collars and cuffs?

Why ignore those Borellis, Brionis, Carnalis, Charvets, Lorenzinis and Zegnas? Why neglect those Harvie & Hudsons, Hilditch & Keys, New & Lingwoods, Thomas Pinks and Turnbull & Assers? Why scorn those Barneys, Bergdorf Goodmans, Neiman Marcuses, Paul Stuarts and Wilkes Bushfords?

Is there an alternative solution?

Yes, there is.

Why not consider refurbishing your fine dress shirts by replacing the collars and cuffs with a brand set of high quality, white collars and cuffs? And, in the process, extend the life of your fine dress shirts for a few more years at a fraction of the cost of a new, similarly branded shirt.

It makes no difference whether those shirts are white, pastel, colored, plaid, striped or textured. And no difference whether the shirts have barrel cuffs (regular cuffs) or french cuffs (double cuffs).

Bottom line: we can replace the collars and cuffs on any non-buttoned down dress shirt.

Sizes offered

Collars: 14 through 20, including all half sizes in between.

Regular or barrel cuffs: 9-1/2, 10, 10-1/2, 11 and 11-3/8

French or double cuffs: 10-1/4, 10-3/4, 11-1/4 and 11/3/4

As many of the shirts we refurbish are bespoke, custom or made to measure, we match the sizes of your collars and cuffs to the nearest size listed above, erring, where necessary, on the next larger size. For example, if your barrel cuff currently measures 10-7/8, we will use a size 11 cuff (not a 10-1/2).


Collar and regular (or barrel) cuff $62.75

Collar and french (or double) cuff $68.75

After we have reattached the collar and cuffs, we'll launder and hand press your shirt to perfection at no additional charge. If you are a local in-store or local pick-up and delivery client, we'll return your shirts on a hanger.

If you are sending in your shirts from anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico using our nationwide clean by mail service, we'll hand fold your shirts for the return shipping to you.


Our average turnaround is 3 weeks. While we have most of the more common sizes in stock, we occasionally run out and need to await replenishment of our inventory. If your shirts require an uncommon size, we may have to custom order the collars and cuffs for your shirts.

Here are two examples --  after laundering and hand pressing --  of a colored shirt and a white shirt with the collars and cuffs replaced:

Collar and cuff 2271 Collar and cuff 2258
Worn collar-cuffs 2269 Worn collar-cuffs 2262
Worn collar-cuffs 2268 Worn collar-cuffs 2260


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