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Fixing your dry cleaner's work


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At RAVE FabriCARE, we provide specialist cleaning services to couturiers, upscale department stores, upscale clothing boutiques, upscale clothing boutiques, upscale resale boutiques, upscale direct sales clothiers, custom clothiers and tailors, upscale bridal salons, fine linen stores, and interior designers.

Not only do we care for store inventory that has become soiled in some manner, but we also restore customer owned garments that have been improperly cleaned - and possibly ruined - by other cleaners.

A perfect example of our restoration services to upscale stores involves two Ralph Lauren Black Label silk charmeuse blouses.

Apparently, the Ralph Lauren client dropped off these two silk blouses at a middle-of-the-road cleaner who dry cleans in synthetic petroleum (aka DF 2000) and who wet cleans upon request. When she picked them up she was appalled by the condition of her blouses.

She immediately called her personal shopper at Ralph Lauren who advised her to return them to Ralph Lauren for restoration by their trusted dry cleaner - who just happens to be RAVE FabriCARE.

One of my functions at RAVE FabriCARE is to visit all our merchant clients twice a week. So on my next visit to Ralph Lauren, those two blouses were waiting for me.

After viewing the blouses, I understood why the client was so upset. The issues were extensive ...

  • The luster had completely disappeared
  • The double seams were puckered
  • The front placket and sleeve plackets were puckered
  • The fabric was incredibly hard pressed
  • The perspiration stains were still visible
  • The soil line in the french cuffs were undisturbed
  • The mother of pearl buttons were chipped.

Quite frankly, the blouses looked like they had been washed and then hard pressed in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the washing. To describe these two blouses as rags would be quite appropriate.

The following before and after photos reflect the transformation from "rags to "never worn" ...


Tan blouse before 2106 Tan blouse before 2111
Tan blouse before 2115
Tan blouse before 2112 Tan blouse before 2109
Tan blouse before 2113 Tan blouse before 2117



Tan blouse after 2295 Tan blouse after 2301
Tan blouse after 2298 Tan blouse after 2302
Tan blouse after 2299 Tan blouse after 2303
Tan blouse after 2305 Tan blouse after 2304
Tan blouse after 2309 Tan blouse after 2308



off white before 2120 off white before 2126
off white before 2127
off white before 2131 off white before 2130
off white before 2133



off white after 2311 off white after 2316
off white after 2312 off white after 2317
off white after 2313 off white after 2318
off white after 2322 off white after 2323
Tan blouse after 2314 off white after 2315


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