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The cleaning and restoration of vintage sporting patches

One of our clients recently brought in a vintage, embroidered windbreaker patch that features a hydroplane. His question was simple: what was the likelihood that we could restore the patch so that it could be archivally framed.?

Apparently, the windbreaker was in such poor condition that it could not be salvaged, but he was hoping that he might be able to save the patch.

The patch was also in very poor condition: The fabric was very fragile and it exhibited rust, grease stains and yellowing associated with poor storage and care over the years.

In the lore of hydroplaning, Miss Seattle holds a special place for fans of hydroplaning and raceboating. According to "This is Hydroplaning" by Paul Lowney, Miss Seattle "was built by Jensen Boat Works of Seattle in 1951. Designed by Ted Jones, the mahogany craft is 28 feet long with a 12-foot beam and weighs 4,850 pounds. She is powered by a Rolls Merlin engine. Her first competition was the 1951 Gold Cup Race which she won. She won it again in 1954. In a qualifying run for the 1955 Gold Cup, she turned a complete backward flip and landed right side up, suffering considerable damage. Her retirement was announced at the end of the 1958 season. Her colors are mahogany with red and yellow trim and a checkerboard tail fin and she races out of the Seattle Yacht Club."

Old pic


Hydroplane new


The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Seattle, Washington, features an incredible collection of vintage hydroplanes spanning seven decades, including boats that have won 17 Gold Cups.

Over the years the museum's restoration shop has restored seven of the most famous Gold Cup winners, including Miss Seattle, to full running condition.

The results of our restoration far exceeded our client's expectations. With the exception of a small area at the top left and bottom right, the patch restored beautifully.

The following before and after photos reflect the transformation.


Before 1793
Before 1799 Before 1800
Hydroplane Before 1802 Before 1801



After 2891
After 2897 After 2898
After 2895 After 2896


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