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You're the anti-dry-cleaner dry cleaner! Say what?

Point of viewI received a profanity-laced email last week. It was from an anonymous dry cleaner accusing me of portraying hard working dry cleaners in a negative light. Specifically, he called me the anti-dry-cleaner dry cleaner.

I kinda like how that rolls off the tongue, don't you?

More importantly, I plead guilty as charged.

In my defense, however, I've got to say that I'm not portraying the dry cleaning industry or any particular dry cleaner in a negative light.

Instead, I'm portraying the ordinary dry cleaner in a negative light. And I'm portraying the quality of the product they deliver to their customers in a negative light - quality of product that bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the hyperbolic descriptions of the quality they say they deliver. Even the $2.50 discount cleaners and the $12.50 per suit/$2.50 per laundered shirt middle-of-the-road cleaners have no shame professing their commitment to "top quality work at all costs."

What this particular dry cleaner believes to be negativity is actually RAVE FabriCARE's point of view, our perspective as to what constitutes true quality dry cleaning and true quality shirt laundry.

We express this point of view - consistently and unwaveringly - throughout our website and in all our blog posts. Section after section. Post after post. And we express this point of view in simple, down-to-earth, jargon-free, conversational language. Often comparing what we do as a matter of routine to what ordinary cleaners do as a matter of routine.

At RAVE FabriCARE, there's no smoke and mirrors. No misrepresentations, distortions and outright lies. No hyperbolic nonsense that punctuates the websites of the overwhelming majority of ordinary dry cleaners. Just our point of view. Even if that point of view isn't sugar coated.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we've taken a stand on the issue of quality of product. Anyone who reads our website or blog posts or uses our services knows exactly where we stand.

If, in the process, we alienate any potential customers (or even many dry cleaners), so be it. We've long recognized that we can't appeal to every demographic and socio-economic background. And that any attempt to do so guarantees mediocrity.

So we leave it to the 26,000 plus ordinary cleaners out there to continue trying to be all things to all people. To continue pushing as many garments as they possibly can through their production system in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. To continue offering coupons, discounts and deals in an effort to replace those customers who've tried their service and have never returned. And to continue struggling to differentiate themselves from all the other cleaners in their geographic market that offer the same quality of ordinary cleaning as they do.

The simple truth is this: when you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one.

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