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New York Fashion Week: vintage is back with a vengeance.

Pat Sandler front afterNew York Fashion Week opens today offering the first look at fashion's themes for the upcoming fall season.

According to today's Wall Street Journal, one of the six trends-in-the-making is the Heirloom Feel:

"The most important trend in both men's and women's fashion in the past year has been heritage clothing.

Updated classics have sold particularly well and have influenced many designers, even encouraging them to look back through their own archives.

Quite a number of designers are referencing antiques and heirlooms in their collections for fall. Kaelen Farncombe, designer of Kaelen, says she wanted her collection to 'feel like pieces had been passed down through generations of a family, re-worked, and made modern.' Jason Wu says he was inspired by the restoration of the Palace of Versailles. Marchesa's Georgina Chapman says she was thinking of the 'Great Expectations' character Miss Havisham, using lace, python, leather and goat skin to create 'classic opulence.'"

Many of our clients have also discovered the joys of classic garments - right in the back reaches of their closets.

Thinking about updating one or more of your vintage or classic garments? A true quality cleaner should be your first stop before you head to your tailor or dress maker. A true quality cleaner should be able to restore those garments to near original condition. After all, why go to the expense of updating the garments if they cannot be restored to the original look and feel?

Furthermore, your tailor or dress maker will appreciate the fact that they're working with a clean, odorless garment.

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