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So your cleaner ruined your tuxedo?

Tux full suitWe're coming to the end of the season for formal and charitable events. So we're seeing many tuxedos coming through our doors. I can say with great assurance almost every tuxedo brought in, sent in or mailed in by a new client exhibits damage to one degree or the other.

Typically, the damage involves one or more of the following:

  • excessive shine
  • melted or burnt satin or polyester lapels (sometimes with hand iron plate imprints)
  • hard pressing
  • heavy seam impressions.

When we point out these issues, most new clients are unaware of the fact that their tuxedo has been "damaged". Naturally, the most frequently asked question is: "Can you fix or mitigate the damage?"

The answer is generally "yes". In the worst case scenario - that of a melted or burnt lapel - we've even gone so far as to replace the entire lapel.

Here is an example of what can be accomplished by a skilled dry cleaner:


Tux label before
Tux lapel before


Tux jacket after 2619 Tux lining after
closeup lapel and lining after Lapel and lining after
lapel after 2627


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