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So your dry cleaner couldn’t help you?

Every week we receive a number of garments rejected by local dry cleaners as "uncleanable".

We also receive many garments from new clients that can only be tactfully described as "improperly processed by a dry cleaner."

Case in point: A St. John Caviar cotton and spandex blouse with ...

  • black dye transfer around the waist (probably from a leather belt)
  • lipstick stains on the front
  • makeup stains around the inside of the collar
  • rust stains at the buttonholes of french cuffs
  • dirty lines at the fold of both french cuffs
  • a white color that can best be described as "dishwater dingy"
  • pressing that looked like someone had slept in it the night before.

So what's a client to do?

She brought it to RAVE FabriCARE.

And the results?

A cotton and spandex blouse worthy of a David Copperfield magic act:

  • black dye transfer gone
  • red lipstick gone
  • makeup stains around the collar gone
  • rust marks on the french cuffs gone
  • dingy lines in the french cuff gone.

What's more the dingy white had been transformed to brilliant white. And the "slept" in look was now as soft and smooth as a newborn's rear end.


Full front before 2566 Full back 2576
Collar before 2568
Dye 2570 Lipstock before 2582
Rust before 2573 Cuffs before 2583



Front after Back after 2687
Collar after 2682
Dye after 2683 Lipstock after 2685
Cuff after 2689


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