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Italian opera at it’s grandest. Theatrical costume cleaning at it’s best

In January, the Arizona Opera completed the first local staging of Turandot in more than a decade, featuring opulent, crowd thrilling costumes and sets. Turandot's signature tenor aria, "Nessum Dorma", captivated audiences with its gorgeous, sweeping melody, sustained high notes and emotional power.

Opera buffs call Turandot Italian opera at its grandest.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we call it an opportunity to show what we can do with one-of-a-kind, couture quality theatrical costumes.

Costumes arriving for cleaning

Garments arriving

Costumes after cleaning

Garment 1 after 2756 Garment 2 after 2763
Garment 3 after 2761 Garment 4 after 2759
Garment 5 after 2767 Garment 6 after 2765


Costumes ready for delivery

Costumes ready for delivery

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