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The cleaning and restoration of a garment: vintage Japanese kimono

Our client purchased a vintage, hand-made kimono on a recent trip to Japan.

On examination, we identified numerous condition "defects": an over-powering musty smell; dust and stains on the outer fabric and inside lining, flattened embossing on the outer fabric.

On the positive side, the kimono displayed beautifully contrasting shades of pink and cream, complimented by gold metallic thread and gold paint.

In order to return the kimono to it's near original look, feel and smell we had to

  • remove the mustiness
  • remove the old stains (to the extent possible)
  • brighten the contrasting colors
  • retain the integrity of the gold metallic thread and the gold painted design
  • return the kimono with a "soft as butter" feel.

The before and after pictures illustrate the transformation:


kimono 1 before kimono 2 before
kimono 3 before
kimono 4 before kimono 5 before
kimono 6 before
kimono 7 before kimono 8 before
kimono 9 before kimono 10 before



kimono 11 after kimono 12 after
kimono 13 after
kimono 14 after kimono15 after
kimono 15 after kimono 17 after


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