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So the dye on your Robert Graham shirt bled?

RG generic shirt

A new client from Tucson was referred to us by The Clotherie in Phoenix.

The second batch of garments mailed to us included a dry clean only Robert Graham shirt. Upon examination, we noticed that the mauve dye on the silk internal yoke of the cotton shirt had bled onto the outer fabric.


As all Robert Graham shirts with silk internal yokes are dry clean only, I can only assume that his previous cleaner had laundered the shirt in error and had caused the dye on the silk internal yoke to bleed onto the outer fabric.

So what to do?

After consulting with our client, we agreed on the following restoration regimen:

RG generic yoke

  • remove and discard the mauve silk internal yoke
  • remove the dye bleeding from the outer cotton fabric
  • replace the silk internal yoke with a cotton internal yoke
  • clean and hand press the shirt.

This way, if our client wanted to launder and/or dry clean the shirt in the future, the silk internal yoke would not present any problem.

The following photos show the dye bleeding prior to cleaning:

Bleed 1 before Before bleed 2
Before bleed 3


The following photo shows the mauve internal yoke that was removed:

Purple yoke before


The following photos show the shirt after final cleaning and pressing:

shirt front after shirt back after
collar after
left shoulder after right shoulder after
Gray yoke after


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