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Cleaning and restoring your classic trench coats

Trench top rightThe Wall Street Journal had an interesting article in the Off Duty section of their February 26, 2011 edition entitled "The Trench Gets a 'Nightlife'."

The article focused on designers who are coupling this iconic coat with semi-formal blouses, skirts and dresses, to create an entirely new look.

Whether it's a classic Burberry, Acquascutum or Ralph Lauren trench coat, we can restore it to "like new" condition - expertly and safely.

Take, for example, this classic Yves Saint Laurent cotton and silk trench coat.

When it came to us, it had been through the wars - a two week trip to Chicago in January. Apart from the dingy color, it exhibited multiple stains: oil from the back of the neck, lipstick, coffee, grease and old yellow spots.

We told our client that it would probably take a week to complete the restoration. The results were, hopefully, worth the wait.

The before and after photos reflect the transformation ...


Trench front before Trench back before 2860
Trench collar stains before 2856 Trench belt stains before 2868
Trench coffee stains before 2867 Trench coffe stains-2 before 2858
Trench lipstick before 2869 Trench yellow spots before 2864



Trench front after
Trench top front 3061 Trench middle front 3062
Trench lower front after 3063
Trench rear after 3064
Trench rear top after 3065 Trench rear middle after 3066
Trench rear bottom 3067
Trench left cuff after 3070 Trench right cuff after 3068
Trench inside top after 3071
Trench inside bottom after 3074


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