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Restoring your classic white cotton blouses to pristine condition

Whites for memorial dayThe classic white cotton blouse is the workhorse of any woman's closet. Many would argue that the white cotton blouse is one of the most flattering, versatile pieces of clothing a woman can wear.

Couture designer, Carolina Herrera, goes so far as to say that no woman's closet is complete without one. A recent Wall Street Journal article, entitled "Great Whites", says that Ms. Herrera is "meticulous about caring for her white shirts - no easy task when you consider the stain-magnetic qualities of the notoriously short lived piece."

Yet, in the same article, she warns that they can "become a bit yellowish" if improperly cared for and that they "must be really perfectly ironed."

I couldn't agree more with that sentiment: white cotton blouses must be brilliantly white and hand-ironed to a smooth, even finish.

The conventional wisdom amongst dry cleaners is that white cotton blouses must be boiled and bleached to achieve whiteness. And then machine pressed to get the wrinkles out.

Not true.

The only way to keep white cotton blouses as soft as butter is to dry clean them. And dry cleaning doesn't have to mean "yellow." The only way to achieve a smooth, even finish is to hand-press them. And pressing doesn't have to mean the "slept-in look."

At RAVE FabriCARE, we achieve both - brilliant whiteness and a soft, buttery feel - with dry cleaning. Furthermore, all our white cotton blouses are hand-pressed to a luxurious, smooth finish.

Here are some examples of some white cotton blouses that we dry cleaned and hand-pressed last week:

White blouse 1 White blouse 2
White blouse 3 White blouse 4
White blouse 5 White blouse 6
White blouse 7 White blouse 8


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