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Restoring damage caused by machine pressing a garment

Suit label top rightAbout 6 months ago I riffed about the destructive nature of machine pressing that's standard at ordinary dry cleaners.

Fact is, I'm convinced that most dry cleaners are not even aware of the fact that their machine pressing is literally destroying their customer's garments right under their noses.

You've probably seen it all: shine; seam, flap and button impressions; moire-like press pad impressions; double creases; wrinkled seams and linings; and other "crimes of fashion."

Every now and again, I come across a garment that stands head and shoulders above all others in terms of their destructive pressing.

One such example is this two piece Gianfranco Ferre cotton and silk two piece suit. I can only speculate that it was pressed on a hothead press at at least 80 psi. Quite simply, an outrage!

The instructions from our client was clear: "Please save my suit." The following before and after photos reflect the transformation ...


Jacket front before 2871 Jacket back before 2884
Jacket collar before 2877 Jacket button before 2876
Jacket sleeve before 2883 Jacket sleeve before 2882
Slacks front before 2885 Slacks back before 2888



Jacket front after 3020
Jacket front top 3026 Jacket front bottom after 3022
Jacket sleeve right after 3024 Jacket sleeve cuff after 3023
Slacks after 3013
Slacks after 3017








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