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Our stroller cleaning and detailing service in pictures

You might know that RAVE FabriCARE offers Arizona's first and only stroller and car seat cleaning and detailing service.

In a prior post, I described the process in a fair amount of detail. Here's the process illustrated in pictures ...


Accepting Front before 2952 Accepting Back before 2956
Accepting Side before 2953
Accepting canopy before 2955 Accepting Canopy before-2 2963
Accepting wheel-1 before 2969 Accepting wheel-2 2963
Accepting cupholder before 2957 Accepting bottom before 2961
Accepting seat top before 2971
Accepting seat bottom before 2973
Accepting seat stains before 2975 Accepting seat stains before 2974


Disasembling frame before 2984
Disassembling parts before 2988
Disassembling seat before 2990
Disassembling seat top before 2991 Disassembling seat bottom before 2992



Steam cleaning 2994 Steam cleaning-2 2997
Steam cleaning-3 2998 Steam cleaning-4 3000
Steam cleaning dirt 2999



Drying-1 3003 Drying-2 3004


Wetcleaning 3006



Sanitizing 3009



Detailing Wheels 3012




Completing front 3228 Completing back 3226
Completing side 3219 Completing side-2 3221
Completing seat total 3222
Completing seat top 3224 Completing seat bottom 3223
Completing bottle holder 3233
Completing wheel-1 3231 Completing wheel-2 3229
Completing wheel-3 3227


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