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Robbie Romero-Eaton knows Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna Top Right photoRobbie Romero-Eaton, Zegna's Western Regional Account Manager, knows Zegna Made To Measure (MTM).

As the former Zegna MTM point man at Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix, Robbie knew where to send his Zegna MTM for the very best in hand cleaning and hand pressing: RAVE FabriCARE, of course.

Now that Robbie has accepted a position as the Western Regional Account Manager for Zegna and is now based in New York City, he still knows where to send his Zegna MTM.

Got any questions about where to take or send your Zegna MTM for the very best in garment care? Ask Robbie Romero-Eaton. He knows.

The top picture shows Robbie helping a client select fabric at a recent MTM event at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The pictures below show some of Robbie's Su Misura shirts being readied for shipping to New York City.

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7_291 8_293


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