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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: Ferragamo leather handbag

Ferragamo clasp top rightLeather handbags can often take a beating.

Take this one and a half year old Salvatore Ferragamo mauve-pink Kimberly handbag.

The handbag exhibited heavy soil and scuffing. And the interior lining was heavily stained with ink, oil and makeup.

We started by hand cleaning the interior lining and removing almost every trace of the ink, oil and makeup. Next, we hand cleaned the exterior of the handbag, removing all the soiling. Finally, we removed all traces of the scuffing by refinishing the leather to a near exact color that we formulated especially for this handbag.

Voila! Another handbag restored to like new condition.

The following before and after photos reflect that transformation:


FerragamoFull front before 2436
Ferragamo front before 2437 Ferragamo Back before 2438
Ferragamo 1- before 2440 Ferragamo 2 - before 2441
Ferragamo 3 - before 2444 Ferragamo 4 - before 2442



Ferragamo front after 3079 Ferragamo back after 3084
Ferragamo Front half unclasped after 3077 Ferragamo half unclasped after 3078
Ferragamo Front half clasped 3080
Ferragamo Back after 3085
Ferragamo bottom after 3086

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  1. Gravatar of Jessica
    Jessica Says:
    This is my handbag and I just picked it up today. I am BEYOND thrilled with the outcome. This looks better than when I purchased it from the store! Thank you so much!
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