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Another uncleanable garment saved. Party on!

A new client brought in a Sheri Bodell gray silk and cotton "dry clean only" mini babydoll dress with metal pieces sewn on the bodice and the back.

Unfortunately, the dress had gotten heavily stained with food, beer and wine. It must have been some party!

We asked for a week to get the job done and she was happy to give us as much time as we needed.

Despite our assurances that we would do our very best to restore the dress to it's original condition, she left rather despondent. Her final comment was a plea to please do our best because her past experiences with other dry cleaners had been rather mixed.

Over the course of the next week, she called every day to determine whether we were able to "save" her dress.

After about a week, we called her to let her know that her dress was ready for pick up and looked great. Fifteen minutes later she walked in the door. Ten minutes later she walked out - holding her dress and sporting a wide grin.

I'm sure we'll see that same Sheri Bodell dress again in the next few weeks.

The before and after photos reflect the transformation ...


Bodell label before
Bodell Full front before Bodell Full back before
Bodell sequins before
Bodell 5 before Bodell 6 before
Bodell 7 before Bodell 8 before
Bodell 9 before Bodell 10 before



Bodell 1 after Bodell 2 after
Bodell 3 after Bodell 5 after
Bodell 4 after Bodell 5 after
Bodell 7 after











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