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Bespoke garment care: sponge and press

Cary Grant portraitThe classic 1959 thriller, North By Northwest, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason, is widely regarded as one of the great mystery movies of all time.

For me, the best line in the movie was uttered by Cary Grant. Back in his Chicago hotel room after being chased by a bi-plane in a cornfield, Cary Grant asked the hotel valet: "How long to get a suit sponged and pressed?"

Much has been written about Cary Grant's style; less about the fact that his suits, including those worn in North By Northwest, were hand-tailored in London by Kilgour, French & Stanbury (now Kilgour).


Cary Grant standing Cary Grant running


Gentlemen who own bespoke suits are clearly particular about everything relating to their suits, including the styling, the fabric and the construction techniques used.

And when it comes to garment care, they might even be described as paranoid. And for good reason: they don't want a dry cleaner to "care" for their bespoke garments in the same manner that the cleaner would "care" for a Jos. A. Banks suit.

RAVE FabriCARE is one of the few specialty dry cleaners in the USA offering a sponge and press in the tradition of a sponge and press offered by Savile Row tailors. You might say that we "wrote the book" on caring for bespoke garments. Click here, here and here.

We currently serve bespoke clients in over 40 states through our Nationwide Clean By Mail Service. We're familiar with English bespoke, including Anderson & Sheppard, Steed, Huntsman & Sons, Norton & Sons and Thomas Mahon; Italian bespoke, including Cesare Attolini, Mariano Rubinacci, Gennaro Solito, and Mina Adamo; Hong Kong bespoke, including W.W.Chan, H. Baromon, Gordon Yao and William Yu.

Our prices for bespoke sponge and press range from $65 to $85 for a two piece suit, depending on the labor time expended - about one third to one half what you would pay in, say, New York City.

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