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Another “risky and uncleanable” garment dry cleaned to perfection

Rucci top right labelAccording to, "Chado Ralph Rucci garments are known for the precision of their construction, their sculptural look, and the innovative use of fabrics and materials such as exotic skins, double-faced cashmere, feathers, horsehair and organza. His use of intricate embroideries, as well as his craftsmanship recall the work of the 20th century master-couturiers. Fashion critics often note that Rucci belongs to the ranks of such designers as Balenciaga, Madame Gr s and Halston."

The Wikipedia bio further comments that, according to Robin Givhan of The Washington Post, "Rucci's clothes are aspirational in every sense of the word. They ooze luxury from 100 paces, yet they are not ostentatious. They look expensive because every seam is perfect, every button exactly placed, every skirt has just the right lift.

When it comes to caring for fine garments such as those made by Ralph Rucci, fashion enthusiasts often turn to RAVE FabriCARE. So it's not surprising that I received a call last week from the Alterations Manager at Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale asking me to stop by and take a look at a suit brought in by one of their clients.

The suit was a $10,000 Chado Ralph Rucci black wool two piece skirt suit with a relatively stiff, clear plastic trim and a "spot clean only" label.

Apparently, their client had sent the suit to her "regular" cleaner for cleaning. After viewing the suit, the cleaner rejected it as too "risky", stating that the clear plastic trim would yellow and blister and that, in their opinion, the suit was not dry cleanable."

After carefully examining the suit, I could see no reason whatsoever why the suit could not be safely and effectively dry cleaned with the application of the requisite skill and expertise. All that despite the fact that the label said "spot clean only."

As predicted, the suit dry cleaned beautifully: the wool was buttery soft, the black color was intense, the garments were odorless, and the plastic trim was crystal clear, unpuckered and perfectly smooth.

One has to wonder how the client's regular dry cleaner, who markets their dry cleaning and laundry services as "exceptional", was not be able and/or not willing to dry clean this two piece suit. Just one more reason why you should look at your dry cleaner's expertise and ignore their hyperbole.

The before and after photos reflect the perfect dry cleaning of this two piece suit:


Rucci jacket before Rucci skirt before
Rucci top jacket before Rucci bottom jacket before
Rucci bottom skirt before



Rucci jacket after Rucci skirt after
Rucci top skirt after Rucci bottom jacket after
Rucci bottom skirt


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