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Comments from a raving fan (part eight)

Raving fan testimonial-8Dear Stu:

We have been customers of Rave Cleaners for over 20 years for one reason only: The quality of your product and the quality of your service is and has always been outstanding - far and a way above any of your competitors.

You state that your focus is 'extraordinary care,' and we agree absolutely. For example, you are explicit about what you can and cannot do. You tell us when the service can be completed and without fail you meet those deadlines. You provide advice of cleaning options to ensure lasting care. You consistently look over every garment to discover what the need is and how it may be addressed and in many cases share your thinking with us. And, you do all this with the most pleasant and respectful interactions - on the phone, in person across the counter and even with Jerry, your deliveryman.

We'll share a small example with regard to Quality of your Service. Normally, you pick up and deliver our clothes at our office. There was one time, however, when Jerry, who does your deliveries, was unable to reach the office before our closing. Our assumption was that he would come the next day. Instead, and in keeping with Rave's customer service promises, Jerry came to our home after your normal business hours. At first, we were astounded but realized his actions were in keeping with your high standard for customer service.

We appreciate the value you continue to provide our community and wish you all the success you need to continue long into the future.

Sincerely yours,

Tomas and Donna, Scottsdale, Arizona

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