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The cleaning and restoration of a vintage varsity jacket

NY Times varsity jackets photosAccording to a recent article in the New York Times, the varsity jacket or letterman jacket will be turning up in a slew of fall fashion collections.

To jump onto this trend, you've got 3 options:

* buy a brand new jacket from one of the manufacturers or retailers of these jackets

* buy a pre-owned jacket from a vintage store

* explore the outer reaches of your own closet, attic or basement and restore that varsity or letterman jacket to original or near original condition.

One of our clients recently decided to do just that: clean and restore his 22 year old varsity jacket.

Of course, the jacket showed all the signs of it's age: moth eaten on the surface in places; dingy white trim on the red collar, cuffs and waistband; dingy decals; and white leather sleeves that were dirty and cracked.

Our job was to clean and restore the jacket to original or near original condition (including the reweaving of the surface moth damage).

The following before and after photos reflect the transformation:


Varsity jacket front before 403 Varsity jacket back before 409
Varsity jacket collar before
Varsity badge before Varsity jacket badge on sleeve 406
Varsity jacket right sleeve before 410 Varsity jacket left sleeve before



Varsity jacket front after 1068 Varsity jacket back after
Varsity jacket left sleeve after 1071 Varsity jacket right sleeve after


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Photo credit: New York Times

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