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Trust your Bijan bespoke garments to RAVE FabriCARE

Bijan storeBijan Pakzad, aka Bijan, designer of jewelry, fragrances and luxury men's wear, passed away over the weekend at the age of 67.

Clearly Bijan was a marketing genius, operating his flagship Rodeo Drive store by appointment only, using his personal image and lifestyle to represent the brand, and even attaching his name to the lining of all his jackets (see the photos below).

Rather than apologize for his exceedingly high prices, he made them a selling point, boasting in one advertisement that he sold the costliest men's wear in the world.

Branding aside, Bijan's men's clothing is a tribute to his attention to the most minute of details and to his eye for identifying the most outstanding fabrics.

If you own Bijan or Bijan-like quality garments you can trust RAVE FabriCARE for exceptional garment care. Whether you live in the Phoenix area or anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Here are some photos of some Bijan bespoke garments recently entrusted to our care:

Bijan jacket 1262 Bijan jacket 1274
Bijan jacket 1267 Bijan jacket 1276
Bijan jacket 1292 Bijan jacket 1286
Bijan jacket 1297 Bijan jacket 1288
Bijan jacket 1282 Bijan shirt 1302
Bijan jacket 1283 Bijan shirt 1303


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