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Cleaning and restoring your stuffed animals and soft toys

Stuffed animals and soft toys - antique, vintage or modern -- can get soiled and smelly rather easily -- food fats, body oils, lotions and creams; rain; sand; dust; etc.

Many accumulate soils and smells from poor storage in attics, basements and storage lockers.

So what to do?

You could find a solution on the internet from someone who swears by water, baking soda and vinegar. Or you could entrust your precious stuffed animals and soft toys to an experienced professional for cleaning and restoration.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we've been cleaning and restoring stuffed animals and soft toys for over 23 years. For clients located in Scottsdale, the metro Phoenix area, and throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Here are 2 examples of stuffed animals and soft toys we recently cleaned and/or restored:


Soft toys before vintage 468 Soft toys before vintage 465


Soft toys after vintage 1136 Soft toys vintage after 1137



Soft toys modern before 1038 Soft toys modern before 1040
Soft toys modern before 1039 Soft toys modern before 1041


Soft toys modern after 1131 Soft toys modern after 1133
Soft toys modern after 1132 Soft toys modern after 1134


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