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Trust your Budd custom shirts to RAVE FabriCARE

Budd shirts 3171Budd is one of those rare London shirt makers that continues to make their shirts in their very own workrooms.

Now that Budd has been acquired by Huntsman, there is an extra incentive to take good care of your Budd shirts.

Of course, if you're looking for extraordinary care for your fine Budd shirts - extraordinary cleaning and extraordinary hand pressing - you should look no further than RAVE FabriCARE. No matter whether you live in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Here are some photos of recent Budd shirts we've cleaned and hand pressed:


Budd shirts before 3172 Budd shirts before 3170



Budd shirts after_1 086 Budd shirts after_2 085
Budd shirts after_3 083 Budd shirts after_4 082
Budd shirts after_5 084


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