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Fine tailoring, alterations and repairs in Scottsdale

Spools of thread 1791This week, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article entitled "Why are Fitting Rooms So Awful?"

The opening paragraph is a laugh:

"You spot a gorgeous dress on a hanger and, hopes high, make your way to the fitting room.

It's down hill from there. The door doesn't fully shut, the lighting make you look ill, and the frock looks frumpy in a mirror fit for a fun house."

That description could fit most dry cleaners in Arizona offering tailoring, alterations and repair services.

By contrast, the private fitting rooms at RAVE FabriCARE are private, spacious and fully air conditioned for your personal comfort. They're also easily handicap accessible.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, our fitting rooms are not 4' x 3' sweat boxes, nor do we ask you to change in the men's or ladies bathroom and stand on a box in full view of passing pedestrians and traffic.

You'll find that our alterations room and fitting rooms are as professional as our tailoring, alterations and repair services.

RAVE FabriCARE can accommodate all your repair and alteration needs, from zippers and hems to adjustments and relines. Our full-time, qualified, on premises alterationists deliver work of the highest quality with consistent precision and reliability.

There's no need to get rid of fine garments just because you've lost weight or put some on. Or to banish that old favorite to the corner of your closet when a small, creative alteration can give it a new lease on life.

An appointment for a professional fitting, while recommended, is generally not required. Simply stop by our fabricare facility Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we don't assign fittings to just any service employee. At RAVE FabriCARE, you'll be fitted by a qualified alterationist - most likely the same alterationist who'll perform the work.

For wedding, debutante and ball gown alterations, please make an appointment at least two or three weeks in advance, if possible. This way we can block out enough time to take care of your fitting without interruption.

For most garments, one week is generally required to provide these services. For more complex repairs and alterations, an additional week or two may be required.

Here are some photos of our tailoring, alteration and repair facilities.


Hallway-1 1786 Hallway-2 1787


First door on right - entrance to alterations room.

Second door on right - entrance to fitting room.

Alterations room visible through window at right.


Alterations Room-2 1790
Alterations room-1 1793 Alterations room-3 1796


Fitting room-1 1820 Fitting room-2 1822


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