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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: Kate Spade leather handbag

Our client spilled coffee on the outside of her green leather Kate Spade handbag. A week later she spilled vodka on the inside.

We asked her to leave the handbag with us for a week and, although we couldn't guarantee perfect results, we assured her that we thought that we could achieve a good result.

Even though we assured her that we'd use our best skills and judgment to clean her handbag, she, nonetheless, left our facility with low expectations as to the results that could be achieved.

The before and after photos reflect the transformation "from stained and unusable" to "wow, I thought I'd have to throw it out."


Spade green 1013 Spade green 1017
Spade green 1014 Spade green 1018
Spade green 1019 Spade green 1020
Spade green 1015 Spade green 1016
Spade green 1021 Spade green 1022
Spade green 1024
Spade green 1026 Spade green 1027
Spade green 1028
Spade green 1033
Spade green 1034 Spade green 1035




Spade after 1368 Spade after 1372
Spade after 1370 Spade after 1373
Spade after 1375
Spade after 1376 Spade after 1377


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