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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: Kate Spade canvas handbag

Yesterday's post involved the cleaning and restoration of a Kate Spade green leather handbag.

Apparently, our client was so happy with the results, that she brought in another handbag - a Kate Spade beige canvas handbag.

Only now, she had spilt red wine on the outside of the handbag as well as on the inside lining. In addition, the outside canvas had soiled in numerous places which evidenced itself as a light gray cast.

This time we were able to provide an iron-clad guarantee as to the results - brilliantly bright and all the red wine removed.

The following series of before and after photos reflect the transformation:


Spade beige before 424 Spade beige before 425
Spade beige before 426
Spade beige before 427
Spade beige before 428 Spade beige before 429



Spade beige after 706
Spade beige after 707 Spade beige after 708

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