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Cleaning Gucci GG fabric handbags: the definitive guide to great results

At RAVE FabriCARE, we see many Gucci GG fabric handbags, purses, pocket messengers and wallets - Gucci's trademarked canvas fabric accented with leather handles and leather trims.

They're dropped off at our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. They arrive through our local pick-up and delivery service. But, mostly, they're shipped to us from all corners of the USA, Canada and Mexico via UPS, FedEx and the Post Office.

Of course, they arrive in varying condition, exhibiting soiling from general usage and specific staining from every imaginable source - ink, wine and beer, coffee and tea, soda and juice, lipsticks and creams, food of all types and colorings, and blue dye transfer from indigo-dyed jeans.

Irrespective of the nature and extent of the soiling and staining, we've been able to achieve excellent results (as the photos below attest).

All handbags, purses, pocket messengers and wallets are hand cleaned inside and out to remove all soiling and staining. And, the leather is hand cleaned, re-oiled to restore suppleness and refinished to restore the intensity of the color.

Our typical turnaround is about a week to a week and a half at prices that range from $35 to $85 depending on type and degree of the soiling and staining and the physical size of the handbag, purse, pocket messenger or wallet.

Here are some before and after photos of a Gucci Sukey handbag we recently cleaned and restored:



Gucci Sukey before 1408 Gucci Sukey before 1405
Gucci Sukey before 1409 Gucci Sukey before 1406
Gucci Sukey before 1413 Gucci Sukey before 1412
Gucci Sukey before 1410



Gucci Sukey after 1633 Gucci Sukey after 1631
Gucci Sukey after 1634 Gucci Sukey after 1632
Gucci Sukey after 1635
Gucci Sukey after 1637 Gucci Sukey after 1636

And here is a representative selection of Gucci GG fabric handbags and purses we recently cleaned and restored:


Pelham 1360 Pelham 1362
Pelham 1361 Pelham 1363
Pelham 1364
Pelham 1365 Pelham 1366



Techna 2085 Techno 2087
Techno 2090 Techno 2091



Running 1380 Running 1383
Running 1381 Running 1384
Running 1382 Running 1385
Running 1386
Running 1387 Running 1388



Twins 1400 Twins 1397
Twins 1401 Twins 1398
Twins 1402 Twins 1399
Twins 1403



Interlocking 1391 Interlocking 1392
Interlocking 1393
Interlocking 1394 Interlocking 1395


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