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Cleaning and restoring a 1980’s Christian Dior dress coat

Last Friday afternoon a client brought in a 1980's vintage Christian Dior dress coat for complete restoration.

The garment exhibited all the normal issues associated with poor maintenance and storage over the past 25 to 30 years:

  • the outer fabric had yellowed
  • the sugar stains had caramelized, transforming the clear stains into brown spots and splashes
  • the lining had discolored in the underarm areas
  • the embossing of the outer fabric had flattened like a pancake
  • the entire garment had that "stored-in-a-damp-basement" musty smell.

And, by the way, there was one more issue: the client wanted to pick up the garment - fully restored - this past Monday night. That gave us 3 days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) to complete the restoration.

And the results? Near perfection ...

  • we changed the color back to the original light cream color
  • we removed all the brown spots and splashes
  • we removed the underarm discoloration
  • we restored the "bounce" in the embossing
  • we eliminated the musty smell.

The transformation of this vintage garment is reflected in the following series of photos:



Dior before 1607
Dior before 1612 Dior before 1620
Dior before 1613 Dior before 1621
Dior before 1614 Dior before 1622
Dior before 1615 Dior before 1623
Dior before 1616 Dior before 1630
Dior before 1628 Dior before 1627



Dior after 1760
Dior after 1745 Dior after 1752
Dior after 1746
Dior after 1749
Dior after 1748
Dior after 1755 Dior after 1750
Dior after1756
Dior after 1757


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