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Trust your Rubinacci bespoke to RAVE FabriCARE

Rubinacci 652 Rubinacci Cullen

On June 13, Matthew Fan, author of the Tweed In The City blog, published an interesting, behind-the-scenes photo essay on his recent visit to Rubinacci in Naples, Italy.

Rubinacci (click here for the website and here for the blog) is widely regarded as one of the most technically skilled (and most expensive) bespoke suit makers in the world.

For example, every stitch in every jacket is done by hand, except for the long sleeve seams and the center seam running down the back panel. And, then, even those are hand-finished afterwards.

Mens style forums even have threads devoted entirely to discussing Rubinacci's Neapolitan style and antisanal construction. For example, the Rubinacci thread on Style Forum has received over a quarter of a million visits in the past three years.

To care for your Rubinacci suits you need a garment care specialist you can trust - a garment care specialist who can hand clean and hand press your bespoke suits to perfection. For such a specialist look no further than RAVE FabriCARE - no matter where you live in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Here's an example of a Rubinacci suit we recently hand cleaned and hand pressed for a client in San Francisco:

Rubinacci 1005
Rubinacci 1002
Rubinacci 1007
Rubinacci 1012
Rubinacci 1000 Rubinacci 995
Rubinacci 998


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