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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: two Coach fabric and vinyl handbags

The cleaning of a handbag always presents challenges. These challenges arise mostly as a result of the fact that manufacturers do not consider the serviceability of their handbags to be an important element in the buyer's decision making.

As a result, they choose combinations of materials (suede, leather, vinyl, cotton, linen, canvas, nylon, etc.) that are, in many cases, incompatible with the nature of the soil and oil-based and water-based stains that typically show up on such handbags.

These two Coach hobos illustrate that point. As well as the results that can be achieved by combining the right hand cleaning skills with the right hand cleaning processes.



Coach B-W before 2370 Coach B-W before 2376
Coach B-W before 2371 Coach B-W after 2877
Coach B-W before 2372 Coach B-W before 2373
Coach B-W before 2374 Coach B-W before 2375
Coach B-W before 2378 Coach B-W before 2379
Coach B-W before 2381 Coach B-W before 2380
Coach B-W before 2382
Coach B-W before 2383 Coach B-W before 2384
Coach B-W before 2387 Coach B-W after 2888
Coach B-W before 2385
Coach B-W before 2389 Coach B-W before 2391
Coach B-W before 2393 Coach B-W before 2396



Coach B-W after 2880 Coach B-W after 2876
Coach B-W after 2881 Coach B-W after 2877
Coach B-W after 2882 Coach B-W after 2883
Coach B-W after 2878 Coach B-W after 2879
Coach B-W after 2884 Coach B-W after 2885
Coach B-W after 2886
Coach B-W after 2887 Coach B-W after 2888
Coach B-W after 2890 Coach B-W after 2889




Cream before 2755
Cream before 2756
Cream before 2742 Cream before 2744
Cream before 2743 Cream before 2745
Cream before 2746
Coach cream 2748 Coach cream 2749
Coach cream before 2751 Coach cream before 2750
Coach cream before 2753 Coach cream before 2752
Coach cream before 2760



Cream after 3072 Cream after 3023
Cream after 3021 Cream after 3024
Cream after 3025
Cream after 3028 Cream after 3029
Cream after 3027 Cream after 3026


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    Hello: Can you email me and let me know how did you were able to clean these bags so well.
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