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Who says shirts can't last?

A new client stopped by yesterday.

He brought in about 20 shirts in various stages of staining, yellowing and disrepair. The shirts included Borelli's, Brioni's, Lorenzini's and Zegna's, and custom and made-to-measure shirts from 3 or 4 state-side shirt makers.

He started the conversation by telling me all about his prior - mostly negative - experiences with dry cleaners in New York, New Jersey and Arizona, and summarized his complaint thus: Why can't cleaners get my shirts clean? And why don't my shirts last more than a couple of years?

I asked him how many hours he had available and whether he wanted the Cliff Notes version or the more detailed version.

Seeing that he was short on time we settled on the short version. After a few minutes of explanation, his eyes started to glaze over and I knew I had to come up with an alternative to that narrative. So I asked the client to hang on one minute while I disappeared into the plant to retrieve a few of my personal shirts that just happened to have been completed the day before.

That demonstration worked far better than any explanation I could have provided.

So I thought that you might want to see some of the shirts that I showed him.

Please note these are my own shirts that were custom made for me by David's Shirts (Rockefeller Center, New York City) in 1986 and 1987 - that's almost 25 years ago!

Who says that shirts can't be properly cleaned. And that shirts can't last?

Stu shirt label 3145 Stu shirt label 3146
Stu shirt label 3147 Stu shirt label 3148
Stu shirt label 3149 Stu shirt label 3150


Stu shirt 3115
Stu shirt 3116 Stu shirt 3117
Stu shirt 3118


Stu shirt 3119
Stu shirt 3120 Stu shirt 3121
Stu shirt 3122


Stu shirt 3131
Stu shirt 3132 Stu shirt 3133
Stu shirt 3134


Stu shirt 3127
Stu shirt 3128 Stu shirt 3129
Stu shirt 3130


Stu shirt 3135
Stu shirt 3136 Stu shirt 3144
Stu shirt 3137


Stu shirt 3138
Stu shirt 3139 Stu shirt 3143
Stu shirt 3140


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