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The cleaning and restoration of a handbag: yet another Kate Spade canvas and leather handbag

It's raining Kate Spade handbags. Dirty handbags, that is.

Over the past few weeks we've received a few dozen Kate Spade handbags for cleaning and restoration - some from the metro Phoenix area but most from all around the USA.

In prior posts (click here here and here), I've demonstrated the results that can be achieved by the careful application of skills, process and time.

Here we have an off-white canvas handbag with a yellow and green floral print and brown leather trim.

Note that the yellow and green design is printed directly onto the off-white canvas. This process is called surface printing or top dying. The problem, from a cleaning perspective, is that there is poor adhesion of the yellow and green dyes to the off-white canvas.

So, on the one hand, the handbag required a fairly aggressive hand cleaning given that it was so dirty. On the other hand, the yellow and green dye was "loose", necessitating a more gentle hand cleaning.

In the final analysis, we achieved the desired result: a perfectly clean off-white handbag with the yellow and green print completely preserved and the leather trim perfectly refinished to a nice brown color.


Spade before 2333 Spade before 2337
Spade before 2335 Spade before 2338
Spade before 2339
Spade before 2340 Spade before 2341
Spade before 2342 Spade before 2343



Spade after 2497 Spade after 2500
Spade after 2499 Spade after 2501
Spade after 2504 Spade after 2503
Spade after 2505 Spade after 2506
Spade after 2509 Spade after 2508


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