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Trust your Anto custom shirts to RAVE FabriCARE

Beverly Hills-based Anto Shirtmakers has long served the entertainment industry with distinctive shirts custom made from some of the world's finest cloth - mostly Egyptian cottons woven by some of the very best mills in Switzerland, Italy and England.

A key component to Anto's marketing strategy is to showcase their shirts in various Hollywood film and television productions. You can see Anto's shirts in everything from Casino, Ocean's Eleven and Titanic to Will & Grace, 24 and Law and Order.


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At RAVE FabriCARE, we have many clients -- from Florida and New Jersey to California and Oregon -- who are partial to Anto shirts.

And, just like Hollywood's costume designers, these clients don't just trust any old dry cleaner to care for their Anto custom shirts. Many send them to RAVE FabriCARE in Scottsdale, Arizona for the finest in true quality care.

Long recognized as one of the very best shirt laundries in the USA, Canada and Mexico, RAVE FabriCARE cares for their Anto shirts using gentle cleaning processes and hand pressing techniques -- processes and techniques that the overshelming majority of dry cleaners would most likely characterize as obsessive.

But who gives a damn what these cleaners think of us. Not me. That's for sure. All I care about is how well we care for our clients' shirts, how they look on the client, and how long they last. We'll continue to do what we do; let them continue to boil, bleach and bake your shirts to near death.

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