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The cleaning and restoration of a garment: 1950's vintage coat

At RAVE FabriCARE, we love restoring antique, vintage and heirloom garments and accessories.

Take this 1950's coat sent in by a client in Chicago. It belonged to her grandmother and appears to have been custom made for her (there are no labels or any evidence that any label has been removed).

Over time, the coat had acquired a dingy tinge, oily collar, perspiration stains and a lost-in-a-damp-basement-for-50-years musty smell.

The restoration results were nothing short of spectacular - beautiful drape, pristinely clean and completely odor-free.

The following before and after photos that reflect the transformation:


1950 coat before 3584 1950 coat before 3591
1950 coat before 3585 1950 coat before 3592
1950 coat before 3586 1950 coat before 3593
1950 coat before 3587 1950 coat before 3594
1950 coat before 3589 1950 coat before 3590
1950 coat before 3595




1950 coat after 538 1950 coat after 543
1950 coat after 539 1950 coat after 544
1950 coat after 541 1950 coat after 545
1950 coat after 542 1950 coat after 546


If this is what we can do for a 1950's vintage coat, imagine what we can do for your fine business and casual wear?

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