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The cleaning and restoration of a 57 year old christening gown

Top right cornerWe received this Alfred Leon christening gown and slip from a client who lives in Maine. And here's the interesting part: she discovered that this gown was her very own christening gown.

Apparently, her mother had stored it away in some type of cardboard box many years ago and the box had never been opened since that time.

Both the gown and the slip had yellowed over time and many of the sugar-based stains had turned brown. In addition, water had penetrated the box over the years and those water stains had manifested themselves as "Tide rings" when the fabric dried.

So what were the prospects for a complete restoration to original condition?

You can judge that for yourself by viewing the before and after photos that appear below.


Before gown 3043 Before gown 3048
Before gown 3047 before gown 3052
before gown 3044 before gown 3049
before gown 3046 Before gown 3050
before gown 3045 Before gown 3051
before gown 3053



Before slip 3030 Before slip 3034
Before slip 3032 Before slip 3036
Before slip 3033 Before slip 3037
Before slip 3038 Before slip 3039
Before slip 3040 Before slip 3041
Before slip 3042



After gown 3565 After gown 3571
After gown 3566 After gown 3572
After gown 3567 After gown 3573




After slip 3574 After slip 3579
After slip 3575 After slip 3580
After slip 3576 After slip 3581


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