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Fleet Admiral Nimitz visits RAVE FabriCARE

Fleet Admiral Nimitz visited RAVE FabriCARE last week. Not in person, of course. That's because Fleet Admiral Nimitz passed away in 1966 at the age of 81.


Nimitz painting Nimitz Life Mag
Nimitz w-FDR On Missouri


But we did receive his 67 year old summer uniform for restoration. The uniform is part of the artifacts collection of the Chester W. Nimitz Middle School in Huntington Park, California.

Jacket 661 Trouser 700


To refresh your memory, Fleet Admiral Nimitz took command of the United States Pacific Fleet after the attack on Pearl Harbor on September 7, 1941.

Over the next two years, he oversaw the rebuilding of the Pacific Fleet. Then, he proceeded to clear the Pacific of Japanese warships in a series of spectacular naval battles. Finally, he accepted the surrender of Japan on the U.S.S. Missouri on September 2, 1945.

We have no information as to the provenance of this uniform other than the fact that it was amongst the many Nimitz artifacts and memorabilia in the collection of the Chester W. Nimitz Middle School in Huntington Park, California.

Letter 1


What we do know is this: Both the jacket and the trouser have black laundry marks reading "NIMITZ" and the trouser has an additional label from the Tailor Shop at the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base that's inscribed in black ink "Nimitz, C.W. 10-12-44" (by the way, Fleet Admiral Nimitz was based throughout the war at Pearl Harbor). 

Label 685
Label 732
Label 734
Label 733


And the overall condition of the uniform? "Poor" would be an understatement. The uniform is musty (probably stored in a dank or humid environment), yellowed throughout (probably stored in materials that were not archival), brown in many places (probably because the uniform was heavily starched prior to storage), stiff as a board (from the heavy starch) and creased (probably as a result of both poor storage and the heavy starch).

Here are pictures of the uniform prior to restoration:


Jacket 661 Jacket before 694
Jacket before 665 Jacket before 695
jacket before 662 Jacket before 696
Jacket before 663 Jacket before 697
Jacket before 664 Jacket before 698
jacket before 673
jacket before 674
jacket before 675
Jacket before 669 Jacket before 670
jacket before 672 Jacket before 668
Jacket before 688 Jacket before 689


BEFORE -- JACKET (Close-Ups)

Jacket stains before 683 Jacket stains before 684
Jacket stains before 672
Jacket stains before 676 Jacket stains before 677
Jacket stains before 678 Jacket stains before 679
Jacket stains before 681 Jacket stains before 682
Jacket stains before 691 Jacket stains before 692
Jacket stains before 699


BEFORE -- TROUSER (Side Views)

Before trouser 700 Pants before 708
Pants before 705 Pants before 709
Pants before 706 Before trouser 710
Pants before 707 Pants before 711


BEFORE -- TROUSER (Front/Rear Views)

Pants before open front 716 Pants before open front 723
Pants before open front 717 Pants before open front 724
Pants before open front 718 Pants before open front 725
Pants before open front 719 Pants before open front 726
Pants before open front 735


 BEFORE -- TROUSER (Close-Ups)

Trouser stains 712 Trouser stains 714
Trouser stains 715 Trouser stains 720
Trouser stains 728 Trouser stains 727
Trouser stains 731


Over the next two weeks, I will be personally working on the restoration of this uniform. Our objective is to restore this uniform as close to the original as possible. In other words, remove all the stains and restore the whiteness using processes and techniques that will preserve the integrity of the garments for future generations.

So check back on Monday, September 26 to view the results.

What will we be able to achieve?

How can I help you?

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