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The cleaning and restoration of a vintage vest

Our client sent in a vintage vest that he had acquired on-line for a themed event he and his wife are planning to attend.

As is usual for many vintage items sold on-line, the item was sold "as is" - musty, dingy and stained.

Aside: It never fails to amaze me how many vendors sell vintage items that have not been properly cleaned prior to the offering. I always see items described as "one or two minor spots; any dry cleaner should be able to remove these spots." Or, "great looking piece; requires a little refreshing." Here's the problem: once the garment is examined by a dry cleaner who specializes in vintage garments or once the restoration process begins, many deficiencies in the garment are exposed. Yet another reason why you should buy vintage that has already been cleaned and restored.

Anyway, back to the vintage vest. It came out beautifully - brilliantly white and stain and odor free.

Here are some photos that reflect that transformation:


Vest before 045 Vest before 042
Vest before 046 Vest before 043
Vest before 047 Vest before 044
Vest before 038 Vest before 049



Vest after 1276 Vest after 1279
Vest after 1277 Vest after 1280
Vest after 1278 Vest after 1281
Vest after 1285
Vest after 1282
Vest after 1283 Vest after 1284


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  1. Gravatar of Paul Chevalier
    Paul Chevalier Says:
    This was my vest. Rave fabriccare did an incredible cleaning. It looks brand new. Professional cleaning doesn't get any better than this. Many thanks. We are having an Art Nouveau party and this vest will now be perfect with my tux.
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