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The cleaning and restoration of an Oxxford Clothes silk sport coat

Chicago-based Oxxford Clothes has long been renowned for it's hand-made garments for men (and the occasional woman).

Take this classic, unstructured silk sport coat with gorgeous mother of pearl buttons sent to us for cleaning and restoration by a new client in Upstate New York.

On his Service Order Form, our client described this garment as "Oxxford Sport Coat With Bad Stains."

I don't have any information as to the provenance of this sport coat or the source from whom he acquired it. What I can surmise is this: it's probably never been cleaned and it's probably been rotting away in a corner of someone's closet for at least 25 years.

As to condition, this sport coat exhibited all the classic symptoms of poor garment care. All rolled into one. Consider this litany of issues ...

  • heavily creased
  • musty odor
  • perspiration odor
  • soot stains
  • rust stains
  • water or beverage stains
  • perspiration stains (underarms)
  • yellowed bemberg lining
  • dingy outer silk fabric
  • unraveling seams at both underarms and the rear vent
  • distorted interfacing in the collar and cuffs

Other than these issues, the fabric was still in good condition.

The $64,000 question was this: What would a combination of a little knowledge, skill, experience, judgment and TLC be able to achieve?

The following before and after photos reflect the transformation:


Oxxford before 932 Oxxford before 933
Oxxford before 916
Oxxford before 936
Oxxford before 937
Oxxford before 922
Oxxford before 927
Oxxford before 934
Oxxford before 926 Oxxford before 930
Oxxford before 919
Oxxford before 921 Oxxford before 920
Oxxford before 925
Oxxford before 917 Oxxford before 918



Oxxford after 1295 Oxxford after 1296
Oxxford after 1286
Oxxford after 1287
Oxxford after 1288
Oxxford after 1289
Oxxford after 1290
Oxxford after 1294
Oxxford after 1291 Oxxford after 1292
Oxxford after 1293
Oxxford after 1298 Oxxford after 1297


Like all objects of fine quality, Oxxford garments, properly cared for, endure with grace.

Please note: Any variations in the color of the final product is a result of my amateur photographic "skills". The quality of our photos should improve once our mini photographic studio is completed and properly equipped.

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