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The cleaning of a Fendi handbag

Fendi before 887We recently received this Fendi Bag De Jour white and black canvas and patent leather handbag for cleaning.

Although almost brand new, our client had unknowingly soiled the handbag with black graphite grease. In addition to these black graphite grease streaks, there were a number of black graphite grease smudge marks in various places.

Our task was to remove all the streaks and smudges, returning the white canvas to it's original pristine whiteness.

The photos below reflect the transformation:


Fendi before 870 Fendi before 873
Fendi before 871 Fendi before 874
Fendi before 872
Fendi before 875 Fendi before 876
Fendi before 878 Fendi before 879
Fendi before 877
Fendi before 880 Fendi before 882
Fendi before 886
Fendi before 881 Fendi before 884



Fendi after 1079 Fendi after 1082
Fendi after 1080 Fendi after 1083
Fendi after 1081
Fendi after 1086 Fendi after 1087
Fendi after 1084
Fendi after 1088 Fendi after 1089
Fendi after 1090 Fendi after 1091


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